They are great for buying in bulk.

Put in some rice, couscous, lentils, pasta, muesli, flour, sugar, dried fruits... They are so easy to fill, they close perfectly and they stand so well!


For buying bread, carrying fruits or your snack, and for bringing anything you want.


You can choose between 5 models and 4 colours: flamingo pink, Bordeaux red, turquoise or mint green.

By buying EL FLAMENC bags you are supporting employment of people with learning disabilities from Fundació Ramon Noguera de Girona and contributing to a world with no plastics and no waste


EL FLAMENCis supporting the campaign Break Free From Plastic from Zero Waste Europe



Count the number of plastic bags or paper bags that you are using every week, whether you or the seller pays for them. And specially work out how much they cost to the environment...


Start using the reusable fabric bags from EL FLAMENC and forget filling your garbage with tonnes and tonnes of waste. The more you are using them, the more you are contributing to protection of the environment. Keep in mind that they are such good quality, they will last many years!

Then you should know that EL FLAMENC bags are being made very nearby, in Girona. EL FLAMENC has searched for all the materials, one by one, and the Fundació Ramon Noguera has tailored it in its workshop, where people with learning disabilities work. You will see, they are done with a lot of care...


Do not worry. EL FLAMENC bags are all made from organic cotton. And when we say ALL we mean EVERYTHING: the label, the string, the ribbon... even the thread! And the fabric, of course. Everything OCCGuarantee and GOTS.


And what about the printing? The printing is GOTS certified too, which means that is healthy and environmentally friendly, as well as considering social criteria in the whole production chain.


Do you care abouth your health?

Would you like to save money?

Do you like knowing the origin of what you buy?



Pillows and cushions, with their pillowcases and cushion covers, are made with 100% organic cotton, from the stuffing to the fabric. So they do not contain toxic substances endangering the health of the ones who use them.


The ink is natural and different colours and designs are offered.


Do you want to buy our bags or pillows?

Or do you simply like our idea?


Legal advice

Estigues tranquil·la o tranquil. Les bosses EL FLAMENC són totes de cotó orgànic. I quan diem TOTES volem dir que ho és tot: l’etiqueta, el cordó, la cinta..., fins i tot el fil! I el teixit, per descomptat. Tot certificat OCCGuarantee.


I l’estampació? Doncs també: certificada GOTS, que vol dir que respecta el medi ambient i la salut, a més d’introduir criteris socials en tota la cadena de producció.



Doncs ha estat fet ben a prop, a Girona. EL FLAMENC ha cercat tots els materials un per un i la Fundació Ramon Noguera els ha cosit al seu taller, on hi treballen persones amb discapacitat intel·lectual. Ja ho veuràs, estan fetes amb molta cura!